Scholar-Athletes Make the Grade

Julia Pardi, Editor-in-Chief

Many high school students live a busy life as they try to balance a high GPA and rank, with work, clubs, or sports. All these activities pile up and require a lot of time. Stress levels can increase when an individual is pressured to do well in a sport, often times overriding the necessity to do well in school. Coaches are told that students are unable to participate in the sport if they can’t maintain a C average. Most can do that, but how do some athletes maintain an A average?

Manchester High School seniors, Katyland Facas and Thomas Kropp, were recently awarded the annual MHS Scholar Athlete Award. This award is given to a male and female each year who participates in sports (usually year round) and can still manage being placed in the top ten percent of their class.

Photo: Katyland Facas
Katyland Facas

When talking to Katy and Thomas, you can get a better idea of the dedication and time management that is necessary to balance sports and school. Katy believes time management is key in the balancing act.

She said, “Sometimes it means sacrifices like missing out on going out with friends to instead go home and do your work. It also means a lot of late nights. After getting home at 6pm from practices I have to immediately start on my work. But I think I do better during my sports season because I get right to my work whenever because I never know when I will have another opportunity to do so.”

Thomas agreed with Katy and found that his passion is what keeps him motivated.

“Even though I often procrastinate like any student, I try to keep good time management and always make sure I do my homework after sports. Both running and school are major priorities for me and so I want to be successful in both,” Thomas expressed.

Photo: Thomas Kropp
Thomas Kropp

They both found benefits in how these factors influence their grade point average. Thomas found that not all his grades improved, but he gained life skills.

“Running has benefitted my schoolwork, and it helps me to reduce everyday stress. I have learned important skills in leadership, management, and self motivation through running. “

Overall, both Katy and Thomas, and many other athletes around Manchester High School would probably agree that participating in sports forces them to become focused on reaching their fullest potential. Sports and grades go hand in hand. If you are dedicated to sports, you will most likely be dedicated to grades.

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