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He Picks Things Up, He Puts Them Down: Axel Miazga

February 15, 2017

Manchester High School senior Axel Miazga has taken going to the gym to a whole new level. Going to the gym daily, Axel focuses on “powerlifting,” a sport that encourages participants to lift large amounts of weight. Since starting to train his junior year, Axel is now able to deadlift 455 pounds, squat 335 pounds, and bench press 205 pounds. He has also competed in two state competitions and qualified for nationals. Axel held five state records, and at his latest competition, he broke them again.  Photo: Courtesy Axel Miazga

“I actually found out about [the first] state records by accident a few weeks after the competition,” explained Axel. “I didn’t think that I would actually be able to achieve something through the sport and now that I have, it can only get better.”

Axel started to get serious about weight lifting when his dad brought up the idea of going to the gym. “I was really small at the time and got pretty sick of it,” Axel explained. Since then, Axel has gained 44 pounds in muscle. “What I like is knowing that I’m making the body stronger and stronger each day,” said Axel.

Photo: Courtesy Axel Miazga
Axel at a young age

Keeping up with this sport takes a serious amount of dedication, and Axel’s diet reflects that. He mostly eats chicken or steak, and it is always accompanied with a side of either rice and pasta. He explained that he doesn’t eat vegetables, simply because he does not like them.

Axel hopes that at his next competition he will be able to break more state records. He enjoys being able to set goals for himself through the sport. “I’m able to set goals for myself that I would have never thought were possible.” said Axel. “Each achieved goal just adds to the passion for the sport.”

Photo: Courtesy Axel Miazga
Some day Axel hopes to be able to compete at the national level. He dreams of being able to set some kind of world record. “My advice for people who want to get into the sport is to absolutely start as soon as you can” said Axel. He explained that he wishes he started weight lifting earlier, but he is proud of his progress so far.

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