Will There Be a Project RedStorm 2017?

Photo: Eric Larson

Elizabeth Turley, Managing Digital Editor

For the last five years, Manchester High School’s Project RedStorm has been a spirited and fun experience for all those involved. This year, however, the lip-sync video will not be created. RedStorm 2017 was originally scheduled for May 26th, but that date coincided with a large field trip to Six Flags New England.

Mr. Eric Larson, advisor of Red Productions, told Harbinger that participation in RedStorm has declined over the last five years.

He explained, “In order for us to do RedStorm well, we would have to have not the interest of fifty people, not the interest of one hundred people, but the interest of five to six hundred people.”

Larson continued, “RedStorm has to be a school-wide event, and participants have to be willing to do it! We can’t do this during school hours, we can’t afford to lose the instructional time, but after school we have to compete with so many different events!”

Last year’s RedStorm occurred after a school pep rally on the football field. After the pep rally ended, says Larson, “We said, ‘Hey, stick around!’ and no one stuck around. We had to go back inside and corral people…it was a logistical problem.”

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