Questions About the Welcome Back Dance

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Questions About the Welcome Back Dance

Asiana Flordelis and Grace Goldberg-Doyle

Homecoming, Snoball and Prom are popular dances every year at Manchester High School. But what about the Welcome Back Dance? The dance was scheduled for September 30, but this is the second year in a row it has been cancelled. Every year it is planned, but fewer and fewer students seem interested.

Why doesn’t this dance get as much hype as the others?  

“I’m not sure what the reason is, but I can only guess that students, just as adults, are extremely busy with work, [and other things] …,” said Student Activities adviser Lynn Wabble.

She also stated that she and the student-led Activities Planning Board “try to organize it every year with the hope that it doesn’t get cancelled.

Why do you think the attendance rates are so low for the Welcome Back Dance? Email us and share your opinions at [email protected]

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Grace Goldberg-Doyle, Staff Writer

Grace is a junior at MHS and this is her first year on the Harbinger staff. She is sixteen years old. Grace was born in Boston, but grew up in Manchester....

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