‘16 MHS Graduate Genesis Robles Visits Harbinger

Jaime Lopez and Kaylyn Jones

Before we (Kaylyn and Jaime) met HOT 93.7 radio personality and 2016 Manchester High School graduate Genesis Robles, we followed her on social media and looked up to her. Genesis’s Instagram feed always grabs our attention and we always get a positive vibe from her.

When Genesis first came into our classroom, we could tell that she was a very vibrant being, and we were blown away with the fact that she was in our presence. 

Photo: Kaylyn Jones
Genesis Robles (M) with Kaylyn Jones (L) and Jaime Lopez (R)

Genesis told our Contemporary Journalism, or Harbinger, class about her diverse experiences, including her attending the Connecticut IB Academy in East Hartford before coming to Manchester High School. Genesis said she felt like she “finally found herself” once she came to MHS.

After completing high school, she struggled with deciding whether to go down another path or to go to art school and pursue her passion as a visual artist. She had done stage tech work at MHS, and was open to the idea of going to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Farmington, Connecticut.

This is where her journey began.  

Genesis isn’t a big fan of getting in front of a camera (she froze the first time she got behind a teleprompter) and instead is more fond of behind-the-scenes work, particularly in radio broadcasting.

“The radio side is super chill,” said Roble. “You can just be yourself.”

Taking her radio class very seriously and getting to know her teachers made Genesis very relevant at the school. And being very known helped get her a major opportunity when Hot 93.7 called the school in search of talent.

“Do you have any young [students] that are into radio?” Buck, a Hot 93.7 radio personality, had asked. In particular, the station was looking for “a young Latina female.”

Genesis said she was the only person that fit that persona, but she also went up against very fierce competitors.

I knew what I was up against and it kind of made me a little insecure,” said Genesis. “But I told Buck, ‘I grew up listening to this station, this is who I am. I don’t have a lot of experience, I just got out of broadcasting school, I’m from the area; this is what I have to offer…”

And she got the job!

Photo: Genesis Robles
Genesis Robles with Hot 93.7 Morning Crew
(L-R: Nancy Barrow, Stevey Newnez, Genesis, and DJ Buck)

Genesis Roble took the opportunity in May and “it changed her life.” She now wakes up before 4 A.M. every day for the show, which runs from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M. at the station’s studio in Farmington.  In the morning, she talks to all of Connecticut with co-radio-personalities Buck and Nancy.

“The first shift, I think I said like a total of 10 words,” laughs Genesis. “Sitting with [Buck and Nancy] and seeing how they operated was just wild because I grew up on the other side; I used to listen to them every morning. Knowing that I’m in front of a microphone, my voice is going to be coming out on the other side of the radio … I was shaking … it was crazy. Now, it’s like everyday. It’s like we’re having a conversation.”

Photo: Noor Majid

Genesis loves her job very much, and she loves everything that comes along with it, including having kids and listeners asking her, “Hey, can I get a picture with you?” Genesis never thought she would ever experienced something like that.

Genesis  gets to meet celebrities and different musical artists all the time, including Chance the Rapper and Fat Joe. She has her own blog titled “The Genesis Vibe” on the Hot 93.7 website.

Photo: Genesis Robles
Genesis speaking to the Harb crew

It was a pleasure being able to meet her and have Genesis talk about her experiences. We wish her the best of luck and hope to keep in touch!

You can find Genesis on Instagram – @TheRealGenesisRobles and on Facebook – @Genesis.Robles58233

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