Amazing Alumni ’08: Olympian Michael Hartfield

Michael Hartfield (left) and his coach Thayer Redman.

Michael Hartfield (left) and his coach Thayer Redman.

Photo: Manchester High School

Photo: Manchester High School

Michael Hartfield (left) and his coach Thayer Redman.

Pierre Asamoah, Staff Writer

Michael Hartfield graduated from Manchester High in 2008. While he was there, he competed in both indoor and outdoor Track and Field, and became one of the best long jumpers in New England in both.

As a senior, he was Class LL and New England outdoor champion in the Long Jump, and Class LL and State Open champion in the Triple Jump. Once he graduated, Hartfield attended Rend Lake College in Illinois before transferring to Ohio State University, where he continued to do the Long Jump.

And in 2013, at Ohio State, he broke Jesse Owens’ 77-year-old record in the Long Jump with a jump of 8.15 meters. (Jesse Owens had a record of 8.13 meters.)

During the next couple of years of doing well in multiple championships, Hartfield, then 26, competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He originally went to the Olympics as an alternate for the USA team, and was able to compete because one of his teammates got injured. He placed fifth in Long Jump.

Hartfield was able to answer a few questions for Harbinger via email.

Harbinger: Is track and field exciting to you? Why?

Michael Hartfield: Track and field is exciting to me still because I love the competitive culture that comes with it. It is literally you against the world! If anyone anywhere in the world thinks they can run faster, jump higher or throw further than you, they can just line it up and see! I think that’s pretty cool.

Harbinger: How did it feel to be at the Olympics?

Michael Hartfield:  Being at the Olympics was a crazy experience! I loved every minute of it and had an amazing time! Now I am training to go back and get my medal this time!

Harbinger: Did you meet Usain Bolt?

Michael Hartfield: Not only did I meet Usain Bolt, we turned up together! Lol. The party after his last event was LIT! It was his birthday too so he was goin’ in the whole night. A lot of us were kickin’ it in the DJ booth on stage too.

Harbinger: Is long jump something you see yourself doing in five years?

Michael Hartfield: In five years I can definitely still see myself competing but I’ll have to see what life looks like around that time. It would be 2022 so I would have already competed in my second Olympic Games plus I’m sure I’ll have kids by then. If I am still flying far and enjoying what I’m doing then I for sure can see me still competing. All about doing what you love!

Harbinger staff writer Pierre Asamoah is a member of both the  indoor and outdoor track and field team at MHS.

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  1. Michael "Flight" Hartfield on October 19th, 2017 3:00 pm

    Much love and support to my MHS family and the town of Manchester!

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