Video Review: “I’m Not Racist”

Joyner Lucas' YouTube Channel

Pierre Asamoah, Staff Writer

Late last month, Joyner Lucas released a new song titled “I’m Not Racist.” Some are calling this the most important video of the year, while others are not so sure.

Lucas, who is from Worcester, Mass., successfully presented the topic of racism in a way everyone would be able to understand. The song begins with a white male wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat rappng his view on black people with the line “I’m not racist” scattered throughout the verse.  Towards the end of his verse he says, “But there’s two sides to every story, I wish that I knew yours.”

His argument is then countered by a young African-American, who was so frustrated by all the stereotypes thrown at him that he flips the table over. After they were both done speaking, they embrace to symbolize community and the ability to come together even if you have a difference in opinion.

I found that to be a very powerful message.

This music video was made in a way that those two people could have been anyone you know. The white man wasn’t a redneck or a racist. He was the average white male who had misconceptions about black people. The black male represents the average black male who is sick and tired of these stereotypes.

One thing that seemed wrong to me was how one-sided this “argument” was. The white guy brought up many points and stereotypes, also saying the N-word a couple times. The black guy responded well but I feel as though there is a lot more that he could have said to counter what the white guy had said. For example, he could have said more of the racism that affected him personally.

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