Student Spotlight: ’19 Kaylyn Jones, Creator of Mahana

Kaylyn Jones pictured at a Mahana event.

Kaylyn Jones pictured at a Mahana event.

Photo: Kaylyn Jones

Photo: Kaylyn Jones

Kaylyn Jones pictured at a Mahana event.

Jaime Lopez, Staff Writer

Manchester High junior Kaylyn Jones, also known as “Kash,” is the creator of a group/movement called Mahana. Her inspiration to start the group started when she became very aware of different mental disorders, specifically depression.

Kaylyn wanted to make a group where everyone is safe and able to get together to be creative or just talk about their problems. She takes mental illnesses and disorders very seriously because she feels that society does not take these problems seriously and pushes them aside. 

Photo: Kaylyn Jones
Kaylyn Jones

Kaylyn said her PAC teacher, Mr. Skrzypiec, was a huge help and part of getting the group started, and other friends have helped with the planning and ideas some parts of Mahana. Once the group took off, a bunch of friends and new people joined Mahana.

Mahana brought people together and gave kids a chance to meet others like themselves. Kaylyn was very excited for Cheney High School graduate, Andrae Allen to join the group. He is an aspiring photographer and graphic designer who just produced his first clothing line called “Drae Clothing .” You can get his clothing at (www.draeclothing.com).

Big things will hopefully be coming Kaylyn’s way.  So if you’re not part of Mahana, we recommend you join now!

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