Cruelty Free Makeup

Jaime Lopez, Staff Writer

What brands of makeup do you use? Have you ever checked if your brand of makeup does test on animals? Well if you use Estee Lauder, Benefit,



 Lancome, Avon, MAC, Covergirl, Revlon, Maybelline, Clinique. You are using products that test on animals. We are probably all guilty of using a product like this at some point, Today I try and stick to the cruelty free makeup brands such as Kat Von D, Too faced, Tarte, and Jeffree Star. If more people knew about this they would stop buying none cruelty free brands and buy cruelty free brands.

I interviewed two girls in my class and asked them about some of the products they use. Asiana Flordelis and Grace Goldberg-doyle both said they use maybelline, which is not a cruelty free brand. They had no idea that this brand even tested on animals, they never really thought about it until I brought it up. I then asked them if they would continue to use those products. Asiana said “she will stop using brands that test on animals and will not buy from them again.” Most of the time big brands  get away with testing on animals because their factories will either be in other countries or sometimes people just like their products so much they dont want to speak up against the brand. People test on animals by pricking them with chemicals and putting things in their eyes/ fur that can give them dangerous affects or even kill them.




A lot of brands today are going cruelty free and vegan. Each year, more than 100 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories for cosmetics testing.Testing on animals are completely wrong, would you like it if something bigger and stronger than you started doing tests and killing you ? So we need to end animal testing. I personally think is amazing because it allows everyone to use these products. If you choose to go cruelty free, you will have healthier skin. Your face won’t go through all the horrible chemicals that none cruelty free brands use. Do you think you will make the change and save our furry friends?

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Jaime Lopez, Staff Writer

Jaime Lopez  is a senior at Manchester High School. Prior to living in Manchester  -- her favorite town -- Jaime lived in East Hartford and New Britain....

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