Why Did Our Government Shut Down?

Eamon Gara Grady, Staff Writer

So a Government Shutdown is a situation which occurs when either Congress fails to pass legislation which outlines government spending, or if the President vetoes Congress’ legislation. This past week on January 20th as there were not enough votes to secure the 60% threshold in the Senate for ratification of the new appropriations (allocation of spending bill).

National Parks including parts of the National Mall were shut down as a result of the shut down. Photo: The Fiscal Times

This failure to pass a new budget led to the shutdown as the past one had expired, leaving the government without a plan. The effects of this temporary shutdown were not very significant, as it only lasted until the 23rd (3 days), when President Trump approved a temporary plan that lasts to February 8th. Although this is essentially a band aid over the widening divides in the legislative branch. This temporary agreement ensures that all government workers are in action and being compensated, not just the essential services which are the only sectors in operation during these shutdowns. So yes, the tons of federal workers across the country, government researchers and National Park employees will be back in their jobs.

The controversial DACA policy has become the major immigration issue in Congress and threatens to prevent a permanent Government budget and will likely become an election year issue. Photo: Quartz

Ultimately, these shutdowns are not very destructive unless prolonged, which may be the case once this gap bill expires on February 8th as Democrats are infuriated by the insecurities around the status of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which protects those who illegally immigrated while children and never received citizenship. President Trump ended DACA is September but gave congress until March to pass new legislature. This is a key issue and by ending DACA many parents would be deported to their country of origin despite having a feeling of true nationalism and an American identity as America is their home. Many of these Dreamers (the name for the beneficiaries of DACA) have established families with American children and the repeal of these securities can destroy these families.

House Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, has promised that an act regarding immigration will be proposed and taken up in Congress in March and if these promises fall short, our government may experience even more turmoil.

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