The Most Important Part of a Team: The Fans

Recently there has been increased fan interest in boys basketball and the team has been playing extremely well. Is there any correlation? If you ask me, I would say yes. Look at the Seattle Seahawks, home of the 12th man. Seattle has been dubbed as the hardest place to play in the NFL because of a loud and passionate fanbase. Since 2003 Seattle has made the playoffs 11 times and has 139 wins, the majority of which have come at home. In the NBA last year, 6 out of the bottom 7 teams in attendance did not make the playoffs. Those are not good odds. As of now Manchester Boys Basketball record is 9-3. Their record at home? 4-1. It is very early in the season, but a newfound support for boys basketball has helped the team perform at a very high level. Fan excitement hypes our players as well as gets in the head of players from opposing team to make them perform worse.

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Duke University’s basketball team brings out a student section labeled the Cameron Crazies. The success of Duke basketball goes hand in hand with the passion of the fans. The top 3 players in the class of 2018 have all committed to Duke University. Players aspire to play in a crazy environment filled with fans that are passionate about the game and desire to win. Plus it also helps when you have a legendary coach and a history of winning championships. However, none of that happens without the fans, literally. If fans don’t pay to come to games, how can a program ever become special. Funding from fans helps the team buy the stuff they need to lure in top recruits. With all Duke offers, it’s almost impossible to turn down an offer from them.

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How does this relate back to MHS? Well the more we continue to come out and show support for the teams of our school the better funded we will be because of revenue from tickets. Better funding allows for teams to have nice things which draws in more interest from young people around the town. If everybody loves basketball in our town that makes young kids aspire to be great basketball players. Superb talents that in the past would have gone to East Catholic will now stay home and bring championships to our program. I’m not saying the fans are the reason sports teams have great success, but I’m not saying they’re not.


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