NBA All-Star Game Has a New Look

Tristan Beatty, Staff Writer

The NBA’s All-Star game/weekend occurs about halfway through the season in February of each year, but this year they’re putting a twist on the classic Eastern Conference vs Western Conference matchup.

Like every year the all stars get chosen by A fan, player, and media voting system with the fans getting 50%, and the players and coaches each getting another 25. The amount of voting privileges that the fans get have constantly been controversial. People feel as if this makes the all star game into a popularity contest rather than an exhibition of the league’s best talent.

Last year, at the start of the voting, Golden State Warrior Center Zaza Pachulia was in second for the voting while averaging 5 points a game. This was a joke among fans, and Zaza did not end up playing in the game, but the point is still there that the fans should be voting only for the top talents. Players use this game to build their legacy, and to sign contracts.

The new All-Star game with have two captains, which were decided to be LeBron and Curry, and they will take turns “drafting” players from the pool of chosen All-Stars. This will make the game different from previous years due to the fact that Western Conference All-Stars could end up playing against one another and vice versa.

Most people find this to be an interesting concept that will make the NBA’s All-Star game different than other leagues and different for the fans. The draft will not be televised in any way, and the team will be announced without any information on what order players were picked, many fans were disappointed on this decision.

Players, coaches and members of the media has expressed their feelings on the fact that they believe the event should be shown but NBA commissioner Adam Silver said that he would like to have it televised but it would put players “in an impossible position, where they’re picking one player over another.” Lebron James and John Wall are two players who have said that they think it should be televised regardless and Golden State Warrior Coach Steve Kerr said in an interview that he believes there is no shame in where they get picked because everyone is still an All-Star.

Regardless of this, the All-Star Weekend is shaping up to be another great one as long as we get some good competition from the players all the way through the game this year.

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