Tom Brady’s Legacy

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Tom Brady’s Legacy

Tyler Lentocha, staff writer

Debatably the best Quarterback and coach duo of all time. Tom Brady has the most wins of any player in history and has 488 touchdowns. Brady and  Belichick continue to dominate the NFL by consistently winning game after game. The Patriots are now heading to their 8th Super Bowl in less than 2 weeks. 3 of the past 4 Super Bowls New England has played in. This is most definitely not something that happens often, in fact, no quarterback in history has been to 8 Super Bowls. With 5 championship wins, Brady is on top at 40 years old. To be playing at the level he does at that age is just simply amazing. Most Quarterbacks retire by the age of 35 and never make it to the Super Bowl. Brady plays better than guys in their 20’s and 30’s. The pure drive and determination this guy has is what makes him so great. He stays in top shape, eats as healthy as possible and trains hard. His diet is possibly the most strict one i’ve ever seen. In fact he doesn’t drink coffee and the only kind of ice cream he eats is avocado.  If New England pulls off a win in Super Bowl 52 Brady’s legacy will just be even greater. As of now he’s a living legend. Can you imagine winning 6 Super Bowls in your career?  He may even win more than that by the time he retires. Brady said “I’d like to play until my mid-40s,” at this rate he’ll be playing for at least the next 3 seasons. The Patriots will take on the Eagles in Super Bowl 52 on February 4th at 6:30.

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Tyler Lentocha, Staff Writer

Tyler Lentocha is sixteen years old and a junior at Manchester High School. He has lived Manchester his entire life. Outside of school, Tyler enjoys skateboarding...

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