Trolls Aim for Racial Division

Kaylyn Jones, Staff Writer

Just about a week ago from today, trolls released false information about being assaulted by African American individuals at the premiere of new Marvel movie “Black Panther.” Twitter trolls attempt to stoke racial division which is shown in the photos that you see down below. It was originally of a Swedish woman that was attacked in a nightclub after a man tired to grope her. The man had then punched her and hit her over the head with a bottle.  #Whereisthelove

Twitter trolls attempting to stoke racial division shown in the tweets they posted

“This is a picture of my dad. Last night we went to see #BlackPanther and got jumped by a group of black teens in the parking lot. They shot him with a flamethrower and said ‘this is for the culture cracker!’ A RT could save his life” (@RUSKIN)

“I was so excited to see #BlackPanther and a young black man at the theater shouted ‘you in the wrong place, cracker!’ And proceeded to bloody my face. It hurts so bad I can’t take it!” Twitter user (@RobloxZionist )

#BlackPanther this is my older brother Kenan. He was jumped just trying to see the movie. “This movie ain’t for you whitey” was the last thing he heard before he was beat up by 2 black men, rupturing his eardrum. He didn’t even make it inside of the movie theater. Smh” (@sharkwheat)


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Kaylyn Jones, Staff Writer

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