Students, Don’t Miss Out on MHS’s Unknown Electives

Asiana Flordelis, Staff Writer

Everyone is aware of MHS’s sports teams and main extracurriculars like orchestra, chorus, or band, but there are many hidden options that people don’t know about.

Tons of clubs, donation drives, and organizations go unnoticed everyday by the majority of the students. Not everybody reads the Weekly Digest that is sent out or pays attention to the posters around the school. The only way students really become aware of them is when there is an announcement made in the mornings or afternoons and if the people hosting the events personally approach you at lunch. Other than that, if you host an event that isn’t annual or traditional, it probably goes unnoticed by the majority of your peers.

It seems pretty unfair, considering the fact that most of these events are actually really unique or possibly helpful towards the community. A club like the American Sign Language (ASL) Club is a really positive advancement in our school because ASL is a universal language that is important when working in all fields. Even though it’s a beneficial thing, there aren’t as many people that were aware of it and in return, there isn’t an abundance of members.

I guess the main point is to pay attention to the posters around you, check your email, and don’t wait for someone to approach you! It could be really beneficial to both you and the hosts if you join a club or start an extracurricular activity that you haven’t seen before. 

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