STN Convention Recap

Chris Pagano, Staff Writer

From March 14th to March 20th, members of our very own Broadcast Journalism here at Manchester High School flew to Nashville, Tennessee for the annual STN Convention. The Student Television Network (STN) Convention is an event that takes place in a different location each year, alternating from west coast to east coast. In this convention, schools from all over not only the country, but the world, come in to compete in various broadcasting competitions. Mr. Eric Larson and Mr. Ryan Jones have brought students from MHS to compete in these contests 5 times, and tend to go when the convention is held on the east coast, which is every other year. Last year was the first year in which they brought the class to the West Coast for the convention when it was held in Anaheim, California.

In this year’s convention, the whole program competed in a contest called “Crazy 8’s,” in which they had to make an entire eight minute news program in eight hours. The team worked hard and completed the contest on time, but did not place in this event. Although the school didn’t walk away with an award in Crazy 8’s, the program didn’t walk home empty handed. Three members of the group, Adam Diebolt, Zach LaPlant, and Jake Berube, were recognized for their efforts in the “Radio Broadcasting” contest with an honorable mention. Also David Mazzotta, Ben Mushinski, Jake Bolduc, and Kyle Smith, won 1st place in the “Spot Feature Story” contest. Overall the broadcast journalism program did a great job down in Nashville for this year’s STN Convention. The program is now looking forward to next year’s convention which will be held in Seattle, Washington.  

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