Field-Trips at Manchester High School

Austin Ellis, Staff Writer

Here at Manchester High School in Connecticut we have many different opportunities for our students here at our school including many different clubs, sports etc. With many of these clubs and sports come field trips.

I have spoken to a few of my friends and other students in the high school and I got some different responses. Some of the students say that they have been on numerous field trips and others say that they haven’t been on any at all during their time here at MHS. I personally haven’t been on a field trip myself either and I’m a senior now. I feel that this is an issue because our school should have it in their budget to make field trips available to all students and not just some.

I personally am not bothered that I wasn’t offered to go on any field trips, but I’m sure that there are some kids in our school who are. The only field trips I was ever offered to go on were all colleges and they don’t appeal to me or my future at all.

Overall, non-academic Manchester High School field trips are aimed at athletes or people who are involved in an after school activity/club.

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