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Race for Class of 2019 President

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Meet the Candidates

Grace Goldberg-Doyle, Staff Writer

Class elections are Thursday April 26 and many students are talking about the race  for senior President. Patrick Doherty has been on the Student Council since freshman year. He was President junior year, but his position as senior class President is being challenged by Kaylyn Jones.

Patrick said he is very passionate about his role and puts a lot of effort into the Class of 2019. Aside from working on the popular homecoming parade, Murder Mystery Night, and other fundraisers, Patrick has also been focused on Junior Prom.

“The planning for this event actually began over a year ago, and I have constantly been in touch with Student Activities Advisor Ms. Wabble to make sure that everything from food choices to color swatches was perfect,” he said. “I know how important prom is to some students, and as your class president I wanted everything to be right.”

While enjoying these events, students may not think about all the hard work that Patrick and other students on the council put in behind the scenes.”My hard work in office makes me excited for this year’s election, and I hope to serve for the Class of 2019 both next year and forever, ” Patrick said.

Kaylyn feels she is ready and excited to take on these responsibilities senior year.

I want to run for class president because I want to be a student body that students can look up to and come for help,” said Kaylyn, a member of the Harbinger staff. “I want to expose the voices that aren’t heard. Not only do I want to help students grow happy and healthier but to also unite one another as a class.”

She has a lot of ideas and activities that involve students and staff that she is excited to add to our school, “such as pie a teacher, duct tape a teacher to the wall, and students versus staff hot wings challenge.”

Both candidates have put a lot of hard work into their campaigns and hope to receive votes from the class of 2019 on election.


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