J.Cole Breaks First Day Streaming On Apple Music and Spotify In the U.S

J.Cole new album KOD

J.Cole new album KOD

Kaylyn Jones, Staff Writer

Jermaine Lamarr Cole, Better known as J. Cole has previously broken Drake’s streaming record within 24 hours by nearly 1 million streams. The album was released on the 20th of April. People streamed KOD 64.5 million times on Apple music and 36.7 million streams on spotify. About 66 percent of first day streaming of KOD in the U.S and 60 percent of streams worldwide alone.

J. Cole

At a young age J. Cole began rapping at the age of twelve and started producing his own music at fifthteen with the help of his mother. J. Cole has the ability to catch the attention of listeners in the release of KOD. Cole has previously released a video for his song, “Kevin’s Heart” starring Kevin Hart. The title itself is a reference to actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who admitted to cheating on his wife and mother of his child. J.Cole is currently in the making of his new album,” The Fall Off ” which he had introduce on track #12. Stay tuned to his content, you won’t regret it.


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Kaylyn Jones, Staff Writer

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