Student Spotlight – Drew Nielsen

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Student Spotlight – Drew Nielsen

With Spring sports just starting, students are required to figure out how to manage sports and schoolwork. Although this can be difficult, MHS student Drew Nielsen tells how rewarding the experience truly is.

Drew plays baseball in the Spring, soccer in the Fall, and works out with indoor track in the Winter.

When asked about the differences between the sports he says,

“In the fall the soccer team has a very family oriented atmosphere, but with baseball we just got a new coach so we’re kind of changing the culture from the ground up and trying to find our way as a team and a program.

Although Drew enjoys the positive atmosphere of team sports, he, like many other students, struggles with balancing all the responsibilities that comes with being a student athlete.

“Well, personally I suck at time management in general and getting my work done in a timely fashion, but if I were to give any advice it would be to stick to a specific routine everyday so you know when and where to get your work done.” (Nielsen)

Overall, Drew is happy to be a part of many MHS teams.

“You can’t get an experience like team sports anywhere else to teach you life lessons and have a great time.” (Nielsen).


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