Is Wearing a Traditional Chinese Dress to Prom Really Cultural Appropriation?

Cristobal Colon, Staff Writer

Recently, a young lady had gone to prom in a traditional Chinese dress.  Though she herself was not of Asian decent, it was a bold fashion choice and she received harsh backlash due to making it.  

Keziah Daum, a Utah high school student, decided to wear a traditional Chinese dress to her Senior prom this year, not expecting to be bashed for what others deemed cultural appropriation.  Initially, a young man by the name of Jeremy Lam was disgusted by the display of what he called ignorance, writing back in responds “My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.” This provided a national divide between the Eastern countries and China, as he (himself an American resident) cried out in distaste.

Although people like Lam have complained, there are also those from China that are rather proud of their culture and national attire being taken in by America for beauty and the look of it.  Whether or not this decision was a bad one made by Daum is for her to decide herself, as there are reasonable arguments on both sides. Daum states she meant no harm by the act of wearing the dress to the dance, and she rather enjoyed the way it looked.  As did many others that didn’t see this as a topic to be so touchy about.

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