Flatbush Zombies New Album “Vacation in Hell”

Tyler Lentocha, Staff Writer

Flatbush Zombies are an underground rap group from Flatbush, Brooklyn. The group consists of three friends, Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick the Architect. After 2 years they have finally put a new album out “Vacation in Hell”. This album is a massive step up from their other projects. The production and lyrics are better than they’ve ever been. Since the beginning of their career they have made countless catchy tracks. This new album is some of the best producing I have personally ever heard. Erick produces the songs and raps in them as well. “Vacation in Hell” had an all around upbeat vibe with songs that never get old. Some of the hits include songs such as “Vacation” and “Headstone”. The project also includes featured artists such as Joey Bada$$, Jadakiss and Portugal. The Man. Following the success of the album, they have just started a tour where fans will get to hear this masterpiece live.

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Tyler Lentocha, Staff Writer

Tyler Lentocha is sixteen years old and a junior at Manchester High School. He has lived Manchester his entire life. Outside of school, Tyler enjoys skateboarding...

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