Khalid Comes to CT

concert virginity

Kaylyn Jones, Staff Writer

Khalid Robinson, a twenty year olds debut album “American Teen” was previously certified platinum. Khalid had also been nominated for best new artist, best R&B song, and best urban contemporary album. He was raised in a by a single mother who was stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, Fort Drum in Watertown, N.Y, and six years in Heidelberg, Germany. During his senior year of high school he moved to El Paso, Texas due to his mother transferring to Fort Bliss. From there he met a friend that encouraged him and he became interested in recording and writing his own music. His single “American Teen” made No. 9 on the Billboard album charts along with “Location” at No. 38 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Khalid has recently performed at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT for the Roxy tour, which he named after the dog that he adopted from a Los Angeles animal shelter.For every one dollar from a ticket that is purchased, will be given to local animal shelters on each tour stop. There was a girl in the audience that fainted, not only did Khalid stop singing to ask if she was okay but offered his water. Later, when she was carried onto a stretcher he went over to the side while performing to make sure she was all good.


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