Junior Year to Senior Year: Some Advice

Asiana Flordelis, Staff Writer

Junior Year is definitely the hardest year high school students have to go through. The stress of maintaining good grades, juggling extracurriculars and sports, starting college plans, and overall balancing your personal life in and out of school. So, although juniors might feel excited that they’re finally leaving their junior year behind, there is still some things to be cautious about for their senior year.

Holly Dewitt, a senior of the 2018 class, says, “Senior year is fun, but you have to make sure to still do your work and not give in to ‘senioritis’ too soon into the school year.”

Basically, you can’t give up on high school just because you’re almost done with it. In order to get into a good college or have a good career in general, you need to have a good looking high school history. Seeing grades drop after the first semester of your senior year isn’t going to sit well with colleges.

Speaking of colleges, Dewitt adds, “When picking colleges, I would advise students to apply to a lot of schools that you are interested in and visit those schools before applying. Make lists of all the things you have to do including all your deadlines.”

The first mistake juniors make is assuming they will be accepted into the first schools they apply to. This is not always the case, so students should apply to numerous colleges in order to have a few choices to pick from and also have a backup plan if their main college choice doesn’t work out.

Miranda Jeans, another senior of the 2018 class, agrees with Dewitt,

“It’s important to do everything ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about it last minute because you really can’t turn anything in late,” she said “Also try to do as many scholarships as you can because I have about 30 sitting on my desk at home and I’ve only actually applied to like five, so it would be nice to have more money.”

Of course besides the normal school stress with grades and extracurriculars, there is also the drama and gossip that comes along with senior year.

“Don’t succumb to stupid drama because senior year is honestly so short to be mad over stuff like that,” says Dewitt.

Overall, senior year will definitely be one of your best years of high school if you are able to balance everything out. If not, there’s plenty of resources in the school that can help you manage everything. This includes the school guidance counselors, school nurses, teachers, and most importantly your friends and family.

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