From Silk City to Ivy League Prestige 

Caption: Matt Kropp is a two time All-CCC Soccer Team selection, and was Captain of the Soccer team this past year. PC: MHS Yearbook Staff

Caption: Matt Kropp is a two time All-CCC Soccer Team selection, and was Captain of the Soccer team this past year. PC: MHS Yearbook Staff

Caption: Matt Kropp is a two time All-CCC Soccer Team selection, and was Captain of the Soccer team this past year. PC: MHS Yearbook Staff

Eamon GaraGrady, Editor

This past week I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and longtime teammate Matt Kropp, about his high school career, outstanding achievements at MHS and his college search. Matt is, and has been my biggest role model and example during high school. We have known each other for a while and the past three years I was privileged enough to play soccer with him at MHS. Matt embodies everything that an MHS student should strive to be. Not only is he very gifted (both academically and athletically); he is also an amazing person who is always willing to help others out. His work ethic is unparalleled and since my first day here at MHS I have looked up to, and strive to be like Matt. It is no surprise that Matt is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2018. He will be attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island this fall.

I decided to ask Matt a lot of questions about his high school experience and college search. He has provided me some amazing advice that I learned a lot from.

High School Info

EG: What was your GPA?

MK: Unweighted: around 4.24 (out of 4.3)

EG: What was your favorite class and why?

MK: AP Chemistry because it was challenging but rewarding to understand a certain concept, or perform a certain experiment well, and it somewhat helped shape my college plans.

EG: Who was your favorite teacher? (Elaborate a bit if you want)

MK: Ms. Coleman (AP U.S. Government and Politics) because she always had great enthusiasm for the material, always engaged both sides of the story, and was always funny/sarcastic/interesting to talk to.

EG: How many AP classes have you taken?

MK: 8 (World History, U.S. History, Calculus AB, Environmental Science, Calculus BC, U.S. Government and Politics, English Language and Composition, Chemistry)

EG: SAT/ACT scores? (If you want)

MK: SAT:1560 / ACT:36

EG: Which clubs, activities & sports etc. were you involved in?

MK: Soccer, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, National Honor Society, Manchester Athletic Leadership Council, LINK Crew, Interact Club, Manchester Youth Commission

EG: List any significant awards you have received

MK: CT Governor’s Scholar Award, Thomas Redden Award from the Yale Club, National Merit Commendation, Scholar-Athlete Award

College Plans

EG: Why Brown?

MK: I love the Open Curriculum (no Gen Eds, only requirements are those needed for your major), Providence is great, and there are lots of research and networking opportunities.

EG: Where else did you apply?

MK: UConn, Northeastern, Yale, WPI, Tufts, NYU

EG: Any tips for the application process, letters of rec, community involvement, SAT and ACT etc.?

MK: Don’t worry about being involved in everything—being deeply involved in areas that you’re passionate about is more important. Don’t just ask for letters from teachers in the classes in which you did well, really build relationships with your teachers and choose teachers that will speak to your character and personality along with your talents. Also, don’t stress about taking standardized tests more than two or three times. You might improve a little, but other areas of your application (and your life) are more important.

EG: Did you apply EA, ED or RD to Brown?

MK: Regular decision

EG: What is your intended major?

MK: I’m not sure at this point, but something along the lines of science/computers/engineering.

EG: How many scholarships did you apply for/recieve?

MK: I applied for a lot of outside scholarships (10-15), and received about half of them, although I haven’t heard back from a few.

EG: Do you think MHS prepared you for attending Brown?

MK; MHS is a large, diverse school with a lot of options in terms of choosing courses, electives, activities, etc. I think if students take full advantage of these opportunities at MHS, they will be prepared for any college or university.

Personal Info & Advice

EG: Which other student did you most look up to during high school?

MK: One of my best friends and role models was Patrick Mockler, a senior and captain of the soccer team when I was a freshman. He taught me a lot about being involved and having a balance between social life, school, and extracurriculars.

EG: What was the best advice/lesson you have received/learned about life through high school?

MK: Nothing is ever as serious as you think it is, so don’t stress yourself out.

EG: Did you think you would be where you are now when you were a freshman?

MK: Honestly no, I was super naive and uninformed about the college process and I didn’t really understand what class rank was or that it was even a thing. So basically I had no idea.

EG: What is your favorite high school memory?

MK: The Homecoming Parades were all extremely fun, and I really enjoyed Mr. MHS as well, I highly recommend both of those events.

EG: What is your favorite part about MHS and Manchester as a whole?

MK: There’s so much diversity and opportunities, there really is something for everyone. Also, the community is very welcoming and accepting, and we truly come together whenever anything bad happens.

EG: What is your dream lifestyle? (Job, location, house etc)

MK: No clue, but I will say, if possible, I’d rather have a few modest houses in different locations than one large, unnecessary house.

EG: How does it feel to be Valedictorian?

MK: It’s nice to be recognized, and it will be fun to give a speech. Other than that I’m not sure, it really is just a title because I know that other students at the top of the class are equally as smart and equally as deserving.

EG: Can you give us any sneak peaks about your speech?

MK: If it were actually done I would definitely give a sneak peak.

EG: Feelings on FLEX vs Power Hour?

MK: Power Hour will always hold a special place in the Class of 2018’s hearts; we were the first to get it as freshman and then it was stolen from us senior year, the one year we could take full advantage of it. However, FLEX isn’t as bad as everyone makes it seem. Both schedule options are fine as long as students use their time wisely and don’t act foolish.

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