2017-2018 Staff

Tyler Lentocha

Staff Writer

Tyler Lentocha is sixteen years old and a junior at Manchester High School. He has lived Manchester his entire life. Outside of school, Tyler enjoys ska...

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Kaylyn Jones

Staff Writer

Kaylyn (Kash) Jones is a junior at MHS. She is interested in fashion, video, photography, and humanity, and wants to attend the Fashion Institute of Tec...

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Jaime Lopez

Staff Writer

Jaime is a junior at Manchester High School, and is an aspiring makeup artist and journalist. She believes there are always three sides to a story — t...

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Noor Majid

Staff Writer

Noor Majid is a sophomore and this is her first year at Harbinger. She is a certified Intense Violinist, and loves birds! Her favorite color varies by da...

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Eamon Gara Grady

Staff Writer

A junior at MHS, Eamon is an avid soccer player and sports fan. He’s always open to discussion and debate on sports, politics and other news. His favori...

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Dylan Kennedy

Staff Writer

Dylan Kennedy is seventeen years old and loves to play golf. He is out on the golf course almost every single day. In addition, his main priority is t...

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Tristan Beatty

Staff Writer

Tristan Beatty is sixteen years old and this is his first year on Harbinger. He is a junior at MHS and plays for the soccer and tennis teams....

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Pierre Asamoah

Staff Writer

Pierre is a student at Manchester High School. He is a part of the Track and Field team and writes music in his free time....

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Cristobal Colon

Staff Writer

Cris is a fun-lover and a gaming enthusiast (he was born with a controller in hand).  To Cris, art is the passion of the soul, and music is the blood...

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Eli Widofsky

Staff Writer

Eli is seventeen years old and is a senior at MHS. He has one brother, one sister, and a Siberian Husky. He loves skateboarding, and has been skating since he was t...

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Kely Maloney

Staff Writer

Kely Maloney is a sophomore at MHS and this is his first year at Harbinger. In no particular order, the five things in life that bring him immense joy ...

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Asiana Flordelis

Staff Writer

Asiana is a junior at MHS, and this is her first year on the Harbinger crew. She’s really excited to mature as a writer and journalist through Harbi...

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Grace Goldberg-Doyle

Staff Writer

Grace is a junior at MHS and this is her first year on the Harbinger staff. She is sixteen years old. Grace was born in Boston, but grew up in Mancheste...

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Nathan Bell

Staff Writer

Nathan Bell is  a senior working on MHS Harbinger for his second year. He is a big fan of many different types of art and draws whenever he can. He's...

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Austin Ellis

Staff Writer

Austin Ellis is in his second year with Harbinger. He is seventeen years old and is in 12th grade. Outside of school, he likes to hang out and skate with...

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Jonathan Baker

Staff Writer

Jon Baker is a senior at MHS. He likes to dedicate most of his time on off days to playing baseball and going to the skatepark....

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