Aislinn Gara Grady
Aislinn Gara Grady is a sophomore at MHS. Interested in many things including her studies, she enjoys spending her free time at ballet classes where she not only performs but teaches. For the past 13 years, she has appeared in a local Nutcracker ballet. Hopefully this year she makes it 14 and continues her tradition.  If you asked her what her favorite subject in school is, she says Art or English, making Shakespeare a great mix of both. Her love for English makes her an avid reader of fine literature. Over the summer, she read an impressive eight books. Aislinn also loves to spend time outside, particularly in the summer. However, when asked if she would rather travel to a tropical or mountain area, she chose the mountains. Aislinn spent her summer life guarding at Globe Hollow. It was a perfect mix of all of her interests, making it a great summer job. As a person who travels often, she’s been to almost every state in the country, even traveling to Turks and Caicos.

-- Deric Haataja 

Aislinn Gara Grady, Staff Writer

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