Gianna Burti
Gianna Burti, is a senior at Manchester High school. Her favorite subject in school is Science. This year she is taking “Mythbusters” because the class contains a lot of experimenting and requires hands-on work.

Gianna dislikes math the most because she is “not the math queen.”  After school, she is part of the swim team, which she really enjoys. After swim season is over, she does dance. Gianna has done dance for 15 years and this will be her last year dancing. She dances at a local dance studio in Manchester, where Gianna does hip pop and tap.

When Gianna is home, she goes outside to MCC down the street and she skate boards. On days that the weather is not so nice, she enjoys practicing her makeup and looking for new techniques and styles to learn on YouTube.

 At home, Gianna lives with her mom (Clare Burti) and her dad (Vinnie Burti). She also has a 19-year-old brother, Anthony. Gianna has two cats (Peanut and Delilah) and has one dog (Bella, a five-month Golden Retriever).

 Gianna is a very big music lover, and everywhere she goes she has headphones in and if she doesn’t have headphones, then she has a speaker. Her favorite artists are XXXTentacion (Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy), The Weeknd, and 6lack (Black). She loves their music because of the messages within their songs and how good their voices are. Their versatile styles really attract her to their music.

 After she graduation, she wants to go to cosmetology school for a year or two. After that she would like to go to school for business or something involving makeup. She has already gotten noticed by one school in New York that wants her to swim for them. She is also interested in Utica College in New York. But at the end of the day she really enjoys makeup and wants a profession involving that.

 Gianna is a very intelligent, unique and stylish girl who expresses herself every chance she gets. Anyone who befriends her would be very lucky because she is one of the real ones.

-- Jaime Lopez

Gianna Burti, Staff Writer

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